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Catherine at Johnston Sweepers

Thank you for visiting my website. I am the Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South East England.

On this website you can find information about my work fighting for jobs for the people of South East England, campaigning against the horrendous crime of trafficking, and protecting our environment.

If there are issues I can help you with please get in touch.


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Recent updates

  • Catherine bearder
    Article: Jan 9, 2015

    From Sunday victims of domestic violence and stalking will receive the same protection across Europe as they do in the UK, thanks to the coming into force of a new EU law.

    The new rules will mean that restraining, barring and protection orders issued in one EU country will be rapidly and easily recognised in another. As a result victims should enjoy the same protections as in the UK when travelling abroad in the EU without having to go through lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

  • Mugabe
    Article: Dec 19, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has written the following letter to President Mugabe concerning reports that baby elephants are being captured in the wild to be sold to zoos in China and the United Arab Emirates.

  • flooding
    Article: Dec 19, 2014

    The River Thames Scheme is designed to protect 15,000 homes on the flood plain from Datchet to Teddington from risk of further flooding.

    In his Autumn Statement Chancellor George Osborne announced an extra £60 million of funding for the £302 million River Thames Scheme.

    The total amount left for councils to provide was £142 million, however the Thames regional Flood and Coastal Committee have already pledged £29 million and Surrey County Council have added a further £1.5 million. Deducting these and the extra £60 million brings local government contribution to an estimated £51.4 million.

  • Catherine on Hastings Fishing Boat
    Article: Dec 17, 2014

    South East MEP Catherine Bearder has welcomed a deal reached in Brussels last night that will lead to more sustainable fishing across South East coastal towns.

    Fishermen can now rely on quotas based on concrete scientific advice that will ensure the long-term survival of the fishing industry.

    Mrs Bearder commented:

  • Catherine bearder
    Article: Dec 16, 2014

    Vice-President Frans Timmermans today confirmed that the European Commission intends to withdraw and modify EU proposals to increase recycling and curb air pollution as part of its 2015 Work Programme.

    Mr Timmermans said the current recycling proposal would be withdrawn and be replaced by a "broader and more ambitious" approach in 2015. Meanwhile the Clean Air Package would be modified as part of the EU's 2030 Energy and Climate Package to overcome supposed disagreements between national governments and the European Parliament.

  • Peanuts
    Article: Dec 15, 2014

    Restaurants, takeaways and ready-meals will all be required to show allergy information on their menus under a new EU law which came into force this week (Saturday 13th December).

    Customers must now be informed if their food contains any of 14 ingredients that cause severe allergies including nuts, milk, celery, gluten, soya and wheat.

  • Griffon Vulture
    Article: Dec 15, 2014

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has confirmed that diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory livestock drug, poses a threat to vultures and eagles in Europe.

    Birds that consume carcasses of animals treated with diclofenac risk death by kidney failure. The drug has been linked to a dramatic 95% decline in vulture populations on the Indian subcontinent, where it was subsequently banned.

  • daVID TUTT
    Article: Dec 12, 2014

    The award is to recognise the contribution local leaders make in advancing the liberal cause and was introduced by the Liberal Democrats' European party grouping, ALDE.

    David Tutt was nominated by Eastbourne's Euro-MP, Catherine Bearder, for his enormous contribution to the local community by attracting investment into the town, including £100 million from Legal & General.

  • Catherine B Header
    Article: Dec 11, 2014

    Reacting to a leaked draft of the Commission's 2015 work programme which shows that the EU's air quality package and waste package are amongst a list of proposals set to be withdrawn, Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented:

    "The EU should be cutting red tape, not cutting life expectancy.

    "Thousands of people in die prematurely each year from diseases caused by air pollution.

  • Lorry design
    Article: Dec 11, 2014

    An agreement was reached late last night in Brussels over a new EU law that will allow life-saving changes to lorry designs.

    Under the compromise the new cab designs are to be delayed until 2019 and implemented by 2022.

    This is two years later than the original implementation date of 2017, but much sooner than the ten-year delay that had been pushed for by some countries including France and Sweden.

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