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Catherine at Johnston Sweepers

Thank you for visiting my website. I am the Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South East England.

On this website you can find information about my work fighting for jobs for the people of South East England, campaigning against the horrendous crime of trafficking, and protecting our environment.

If there are issues I can help you with please get in touch.


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Recent updates

  • living waters
    Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Catherine Bearder visited Southampton along with Mike Thornton, MP for Eastleigh, to meet the organisers of two exciting maritime projects underway in the city.

    Catherine first met Dr Clive Bennett from Southampton University, who is developing plans for a 'Living Waters Aquarium' in the city on council land by the city walls and the West Quay shopping centre.

  • Catherine on Hastings Fishing Boat
    Article: Jan 26, 2015

    South East MEP Catherine Bearder has pushed for small-scale fishermen to be exempt from a new EU ban on driftnets in a vote this week in the European Parliament.

    Driftnets are a type of fishing gear that trawls the surface of the ocean and which, when used on a large-scale, can have damaging effects on the environment, but which are also used occasionally by many small-scale fishermen.

  • Article: Jan 16, 2015

    Victims of trafficking should be protected, not treated as criminals. Watch Catherine Bearder's speech to the European Parliament here.

  • Air Quality
    Article: Jan 15, 2015

    A majority of MEPs today have backed calls for EU proposals on air quality and recycling not be withdrawn or watered down as part of the Commission's 2015 Work Programme.

    Yesterday negotiations broke down over a joint text, resulting in each political group tabling its own resolution. None of these received a majority when voted on today.

  • Norman Lamb at Jenner Institute
    Article: Jan 15, 2015

    Plans to cut the EU's research budget by over £2 billion have been met with stiff opposition from Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who fears UK universities could see their funding cut.

    Since 2007 universities in the UK have received over £5 billion of EU research funding, more than any other country except Germany. However, a proposal by Commission President Juncker would see £2 billion transferred from the EU's Horizon 2020 research programme to a new EU Investment Fund focused on "strategic investments."

  • Air Quality
    Article: Jan 14, 2015

    Negotiations over a European Parliament resolution on the Commission's 2015 Work Programme have broken down after the centre-right EPP and Conservative ECR groups decided they did not want to take part.

    Environmentalist campaigners had hoped the resolution would send a strong signal to the European Commission that it should not withdraw or water down proposed EU air quality and recycling targets.

  • Catherine bearder
    Article: Jan 13, 2015

    National governments in the EU are to be given greater flexibility over the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops following a vote in the European Parliament today, which was passed with 480 in favour and 159 against.

    Gaining approval for the cultivation of GM crops in the EU is currently extremely difficult as it requires a vote of approval by a majority of EU member states, many of whom are opposed to the technology.

  • Catherine bearder
    Article: Jan 9, 2015

    From Sunday victims of domestic violence and stalking will receive the same protection across Europe as they do in the UK, thanks to the coming into force of a new EU law.

    The new rules will mean that restraining, barring and protection orders issued in one EU country will be rapidly and easily recognised in another. As a result victims should enjoy the same protections as in the UK when travelling abroad in the EU without having to go through lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

  • Mugabe
    Article: Dec 19, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has written the following letter to President Mugabe concerning reports that baby elephants are being captured in the wild to be sold to zoos in China and the United Arab Emirates.

  • flooding
    Article: Dec 19, 2014

    The River Thames Scheme is designed to protect 15,000 homes on the flood plain from Datchet to Teddington from risk of further flooding.

    In his Autumn Statement Chancellor George Osborne announced an extra £60 million of funding for the £302 million River Thames Scheme.

    The total amount left for councils to provide was £142 million, however the Thames regional Flood and Coastal Committee have already pledged £29 million and Surrey County Council have added a further £1.5 million. Deducting these and the extra £60 million brings local government contribution to an estimated £51.4 million.

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